Installing new software can be an experience. What do you do if any of the following happens… Call me of course!


The install procedure failed and technical support is a joke.

I can tell you from first hand experience that the technical support in the computer industry is not all that great. You can expect long hold times and little real help. Surprisingly these problems get worse with better known and larger companies. The consumer is just a little fish in a big ocean


The install procedure failed and now something else stopped working.

The install programs for most applications are often an after thought and aren’t nearly as well tested as the main program they install. The install procedure usually does not end gracefully and will sometimes leave orphaned files everywhere if it is interrupted for any reason.


The new program made something else stop working.

Some install procedures re-associate certain file extensions. This is fine if you want to start using that program now, but what if you just wanted to test the program first?


The uninstall procedure did not take everything out.

Sometimes uninstall procedures don’t remove registry entries or all support files. Sometimes data is left behind to clutter up your hard drive.